Circuitry Installation and Maintenance

Everything that uses electricity – from something as simple as a coffee maker, to something as complex as a full computer system – can take its toll on an aging electrical system. At AJ and Associates, we offer the installation and upkeep on new electrical circuits. Replacing a circuit can do wonders for preventing electrical overloads caused by deteriorated, faulty or loose wiring and connections, and to ensure you’re not exceeding your system’s maximum capacity. We also offer maintenance on older circuit systems to ensure efficiency and safety.

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Fully-Automated Back-Up Power Generation Systems

Having power is something we just can’t do without. Whether we need power to keep our house heated during cold winters, or to keep a business’ security system online, preventing outages can be a necessity. At AJ and Associates, we provide fully-automated back-up power generation systems for residential and commercial purposes. Our fully-automated back-up power generation systems trigger at the first sign of an outage, and turn off the minute power is restored, so your home and business stay continuously powered with zero worries.

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Engineering & Electrical Design and Installation

If you are in need of something outside the realm of your typical electrical system installations, AJ and Associates can come up with a plan to design, engineer and install a system custom-tailored to the needs of your home or business. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your needs, and with our 25 years of expertise, flesh out a system that perfectly meets your requirements.

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